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Plastic Specifications
To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate and base upon accepted technical practices. Non-Ferrous Fastener Inc. does not assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of this information.

Fasteners are precision molded or machined of nylon 6/6 - a highly crystalline, light-weight, high melting thermoplastic resin. The mechanical advantages include toughness; good thermal properties; abrasion, friction, and chemical resistance. These fasteners will permit substantial reduction in fastener inventories by cutting assembly time and eliminating additional locking, insulating, and sealing devices. Max. Tensile strength: 12,000 PSI. Max. Continuous Use Temperature: 185 deg F. Melting Point: 500 deg F

Polyvinyl chloride resins have exceptional resistance to such chemicals as: acids, alkalis, and alcohols. They are non-oxidizing, self-extinguishing, and insoluble in most chemicals. Max. Tensile strength: 9,000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 120-160 deg F.

Chlorinating PVC, results in a polymer that has all of PVC’s good qualities, plus, improved fire retardance, weather-ability, a higher maximum working temperature of 200 F and light fastness. Max. Tensile strength: 8000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 375-395 deg F.

Teflon has excellent highly stable electrical properties which remain constant over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. These properties are realized to their fullest in products made from virgin. Teflon surface resistance is excellent. It is capable of continuous service at 621 deg F and its electrical and mechanical properties are well maintained at this temperature. Max. Tensile strength: 2,000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 600-621 deg F


Polyvinylidene Fluoride possesses excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, is a tough and durable material and is easily fabricated into many finished parts required by the chemical industry. Used in piping, tubing, vessel fabrication, nozzles and other items for corrosive fluid handling. Max. Tensile strength: 8000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 329-338 deg F.


Polypropylene has good impact resistance and structural rigidity. It is unaffected by any solvent at room temperatures. It has excellent insulation properties and is extremely lightweight. Max. Tensile strength: 4000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 325-340 deg F.

Isoplast urethane resins are high tensile strength, chemically resistant resins originally developed for medical use. They are available in long glass fiber filled grades. Isoplast combines the toughness and dimensional stability of amorphous resins with the chemical resistance of crystalline materials. The long fiber reinforced grades are strong enough to replace some metals in load bearing applications. 40% long glass grade Max. Tensile strength: 27,000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 310-336 deg F. Gray in color, but also some items available in Natural (off white) color.

Delrin is outstanding for its toughness and creep resistance under a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. Applications include bearings, pins and washers. Max. Tensile strength: 10,000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 185-250 deg F.


Glass reinforced nylon has outstanding property improvements over un-reinforced compositions. Improvements include greater tensile strength, deflection temperature, shear strength, improved creep resistance, better dimensional stability, and lower moisture absorption and thermal expansion. The good wear resistance, electrical properties and low coefficient of friction of nylon 6/6 un-reinforced are retained. 33% glass filled nylon is opaque tan in color. Max. Tensile strength: 25,000 PSI. Max service temperature 230-240 deg F. Melting point is 500 to 509 deg F.

Polyetheretherketone is a material which has excellent chemical resistance and is rated for continuous service to 470 deg F. It is tough and strong, with low creep, and has the best fire safety rating of all thermoplastics. It tolerates radiation to 1100 M rads without undergoing significant change. Applications include engine parts, aerospace components and other uses which require PEEK’s unique qualities.

A naturally transparent plastic, whose electrical and mechanical properties are constant up to temperatures above 320 deg F. It shows excellent resistance to alkalis, acids and salts, as well as many hydrocarbons. PSO is suited for microwave use, and may also be plated or glass-filled. Use in many medical, automotive, and electronic applications. Max. Tensile strength: 9500 PSI. Resistance to heat: 305-328 deg F.

This plastic exhibits the highest impact strength over a range of temperatures from -60 deg F to 270 deg F. It is fine for all precision parts, or where transparency is desired. Machining of this plastic does however leave a cloudy finish. Its water-clear transmittance (89%) makes it excellent for visors or guards. It shows good creep resistance and has good insulating properties. Max. Tensile strength: 9000 PSI. Resistance to heat: 200-212 deg F.

Because of its flexibility at low temperatures, excellent electrical resistance and low dielectric constant, Polyethylene is unique. Its self-lubricating properties also make it ideal for applications such as rollers, skids, and other end uses which call for non-stick, low friction material. UHMWR, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene retains the inherent qualities of low-density polyethylene; its increased toughness allows its use in a wide variety of rugged applications. Its continued good performance has enabled it to gain FDA approval for a variety of applications within the food and drug industries.

Unreinforced ULTEMR keeps its hardness and mechanical properties from-40 deg F to 356 deg F. It is radiation resistant, microwave transparent and is naturally flame retardant. Reinforced grades have even higher mechanical strength. Because of its unequalled properties, it is the ideal replacement for steel and other metals. Use in a variety of electrical and medical applications. Glass Filled Max. Tensile strength: 15,200 PSI. Resistance to heat: 305-328 deg F.

To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate and base upon accepted technical practices. Non-Ferrous Fastener Inc. does not assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of this information.

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